FAQ's and T/C's

  1. How are transactions through this online store secured?
    We use established platforms: Eg the standalone store is powered by Ecwid. The payment gateway is by Paypal.
  2. What is your privacy policy?
    The platforms will provide us with minimal necessary information for us to ship the merchandise to you, and to
    contact you if clarification is necessary. The information we receive will not be shared with any other parties.  
    We do not receive your credit card information. PDPA is in force.
  3. How may I pay for purchases through this site?
    You may use any of the major credit cards or pay through Paypal.
    For Cash and other options please see the Help link in the left pane.  All quoted prices are in Singapore dollars. 
  4. Do you ship the books outside Singapore?
    It is possible.  Please email us at enquiry AT simplicitysg Dot net
  5. How will my purchases be shipped?
    Local (Singapore) distribution of print books will be through Singpost (Normal mail, Registered Mail or Smartpac) or Ninjavan. 
  6. How soon will i receive my goods after purchase?
    Once we receive confirmation of purchase from  the platform, usually within the same day, we will prepare your package and ship it out within 2 business days. For Singapore addresses, you should receive your package within 7 business days unless there are exceptional circumstances---in such situations we will attempt to update you on the status of your package by email. 
  7. What should I do if i do not receive my package within the time frame indicated above?
    Kindly contact us at bookstore AT simplicitysg DOT net, providing your purchase date and details.
    We will track the location of your package and update you on its status.
  8. Will you be adding other type of books?
    Yes, we will be regularly updating our selection. 
  9. I there any fine print?
    We do not desire it, but
    to cover special situations, please see the "Terms and Conditions"  below.


    While we (henceforth referring to the SRI Store) proceed in good faith, and we believe you (the customer) do too,
    alas, some fine print is necessary to handle some unexpected or extreme cases. In plain English, here it is:

    1. All items sold through the online store correspond to their description and images on the site and are in excellent
      condition when shipped. Sold items are non-exchangeable and non-refundable as per normal practise. However, you
      (the customer) may appeal against the general rule if there are exceptional circumstances (such as goods received in
      damaged condition). We will endeavour to help you where possible, considering each case separately, using standard
      discretionary guidelines.
    2. The items sold here are meant for normal, personal use. We shall not be liable for adverse consequences or losses
      from the customer's mis-use of the product, or losses (personal or in business) due to unforeseen events beyond our control.
      All ebooks are for personal, individual (non-institutional) use.
    3. The customer is responsible for providing the correct shipping and email address. If a package cannot be delivered because
      of a mistake on the customer's part, the customer will have to pay an additional shipping or handling fee for a second delivery
      attempt, or  arrange for a pick-up (for Singapore customers) where possible (at a time and place chosen by us).
    4. We reserve the right to cancel orders, before or after confirmation, for those cases we deem warrant such an extreme measure,
      for example due to information errors on our website (although we will endeavour to avoid these), unexpected stock shortages,
      other processing errors on our or our provider's sites, or improper transactions by the customer. Paid orders, when cancelled, will
      be refunded through our provider's (PayPal) gateway as soon as possible. We  shall not be liable for other losses incurred by
      the customer  due to any cancelled orders.
    5. We use standard, highly established, third party providers for the online store's function, its host website and
      payment gateway. The transactions are as secure as those expert providers can ensure. We shall not be liable for losses
      due to errors, malfunctions, or breaches of those providers software or platforms.
    6. We reserve the right to change prices, shipping and handling fees, promotional packages or other information on this site, with little
      or no advance notice, if the situation (in our opinion) warrants such a change. We shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the
      customer as a result of such changes which might affect the customer's plans.
      (However prices will not be changed for confirmed orders unless the situations described in point 4 above take place).
    7. The information on this online store's pages is as accurate as we can humanly make it. Where there is doubt, we advise you to
      seek clarification through bookstore AT simplicitysg DOT net. We shall not be bound by customer's mis-understanding due to
      unintentional ambiguities or inaccuracies on any of the pages of our store; nor shall we be liable for customer's or others' losses
      due to such errors or ambiguities.
    8. In the bundles two or more independent products or services are packaged together. There will be additional terms and conditions
      which apply to the separate components of those bundles, especially those that are provided by third parties. You, the customer, are
      responsible for checking those terms and conditions before making your purchasing decision.
    9. By purchasing through this online store, you agree to accept the precedence of the laws of the Republic of Singapore.
    10. For e-books, additional terms and conditions apply that the customer will be informed of on the purchasing webpage.  
    11. Please read the FAQ section above too which supplements this fine print.
    12. For clarification, kindly contact us through bookstore AT simplicitysg DOT net